Eduardo da Silveira Cabral


Welcoming freshmen students is an annual project of NESISCTE. We do this by having members of our Nucleus on campus during the enrolment week, which is right before the first week of class, to welcome the new students, answering all of their questions and offering them a useful kit.
This project also has the objective of making first-year students feel welcome with a friendly reception by our members, and with extra benefits, in case they wish to become partners of our Nucleus during this week!
We also want to incentivize the new students to enrol in IULCome so that they can participate in an ISCTE event dedicated just for them.


- Freshmen Students Welcome: Dates: from the 10th to the 14th of september of 2018 Location: Floor I, Building 2, ISCTE-IUL


- 1 Bookmark; - 1 Pen; - 1 Flyer; - 1 Map of ISCTE.


Catarina Pais; Cristiana Achando; Eduardo da Silveira Cabral; Joana Gato; Juliana Ascenso; Ricardo Domingues.


Liliana Azevedo and Marco Carreira


Once again, NSISCTE commits to dedicate a day to Sociology, to debate and the reflection on social issues that our country goes through in the 2nd Sociology Journeys: Thinking the Future, on the 27th of February of 2019 at ISCTE-IUL. Open to anyone interested, the 2nd Sociology Journeys will have as its focus the demographic challenges and regional disparities in Portugal. Exposing and debating social phenomena that go through Birth, Aging and Migration in a sequence of panels that will be attended by academic, association, and political entities; ending with the visualization of a piece of thematic media content where the debate and problematization will be welcome and incentivized. Stay tuned and write it on your agenda because you won't want to miss it! Partners in Organization: Sociology and Public Policy School of ISCTE-IUL (ESPP) and the Center of Investigation and Sociology Studies of ISCTE-IUL (CIES-IUL).
Sponsors: Portuguese Sociology Association (APS) and the Library of ISCTE-IUL.


27 of February: 9h30 - 10h00: Opening Sessions Panel members: Helena Carreiras | Diretor of ESPP; João Sebastião | Diretor of CIES-IUL; Madalena Ramos | Vice-President of APS; Eduardo da Silveira Cabral | President of NESISCTE. Location: Auditorium JJ Laginha, Sedas Nunes Building, ISCTE-IUL. 10h00 - 11h30: Panel 1 – Birth: How to turn the problem around? Panel Members: Vanessa Cunha | Investigator at ISCSP; Maria do Rosário Fidalgo | Superior Tecnitian at SITE; Miguel Cabrita | Secretary of State for Employment. Moderator: Mário Santos | Ivestigation assistante and Scholarship holder of the PhD in Sociology at CIES-IUL. Location: Auditorium JJ Laginha, Sedas Nunes Building, ISCTE-IUL. 11h30 – 11h45: Coffee Break 11h45 – 13h15: Panel 2 – Aging: Current and future challenges Panel Members: Maria João Valente Rosa | Auxiliary Professor at FCSH – Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Maria Ribeiro Ferreira | Vice-President of GRACE; Cláudia Joaquim | Secretary of State for Social Security. Moderator: Pedro Moura Ferreira | Auxiliary Investigator at ISCSP and Coordinator of Instituto do Envelhecimento/Observatório ICS. Location: Auditorium JJ Laginha, Sedas Nunes Building, ISCTE-IUL. 13h15 – 15h00: Lunch time 15h00 – 16h30: Panel 3 – Migration: An answer to demographic challenges Panel Members: Daniel Craveiro | Associated Investigator at CIES-IUL; Catarina Reis Oliveira | Cientific Director of Observatório das Migrações; Rui Pena Pires | Cientific Coordinator of Observatório das Emigrações. Moderator: Filipa Pinho | Post-PhD Investigator at CES Coimbra. Location: Auditorium JJ Laginha, Sedas Nunes Building, ISCTE-IUL. 16h30 – 17h00: Coffee Break 17h00 – 18h30: Projection of the Documentary Habitat (2013) Commentary: Jorge Maneiros | University Professor at IGOT-UL. Location: Auditorium JJ Laginha, Sedas Nunes Building, ISCTE-IUL. 18h30 – 22h00: Sunset Party Location: Game Room, ISCTE-IUL.


Coordinators: Liliana Azevedo and Marco Carreira. Elected Members: Eula Carvalho; Rodrigo Rofino. Recruited Collaborators: Carolina Ruah; Davida Câmara; Inês Madeira; Ivone Machado; Matias Lúcio.